Applying Policy of Traditional Story-Flows to Computer Games -Based on Observations about Game 'Call of Duty'-

콜 오브 듀티를 통해 본 전통적 스토리 흐름의 컴퓨터 게임 적용 방법

  • 송병호 (상명대학교 소프트웨어학부)
  • Published : 2006.11.01


A good storytelling is essential to make a computer game more immersed and appealing as it impress the players emotion. The Storytelling consists of many factors. Among them, the Plot, or the flow of the story (Story-flow) is significant. The 'Call of Duty' is a successful computer game in the aspect of the story-flow. In this paper, the way to apply traditional theories about the story-flow to this game is analyzed. And an applying policy of traditional story-flow theories to computer games is presented.


Storytelling;Flow of the Story;Applying Policy;Call of Duty;Hero's Journey