Investigation on 12 Phases of Hero's Journey in RCT3 Game Story

게임스토리에 나타난 영웅의 모험(Hero's Journey)의 12가지 단계 분석

  • Published : 2006.11.01


Recently, embedding method of a story into a game has gathered much attention than ever. In this study, the 12 phases of Hero's Journey, which was suggested by Joseph Campbell and was highlighted in the area of movies and myths, has been analysed at a point of Christoper Vogler. Since a gamer is not just only a player but also a story-teller in a game, the story experienced by the player enjoying the game was examined and correlated with the 12 phases of Campbell. The game RCT3, a construction/management simulation game ,produced by Atari, was studied. The 12 phases of Campbell was applicable to game story.


Story Telling;Hero's Journey;Management Simulation;Game Analysis