Style for a Study on Visual Tactility of Game Animation

게임에니메이션의 시각적 촉각성 연구

  • Published : 2006.11.01


With the New media of present age we are living at, strongly entice consumers through various sensible technology and give influences on our life. They are visually formed but make us feel them as if formed tactile. The masses of today are meeting media through all the senses in daily life according to the spread of on-line media and in such course they want momentary and tactile share. Since appearance of mass society and cinema following such current, art has appealed to dispersive and tactile perception, and such public way of perception makes it possible to experience 'visual tactility' in daily life in accordance with the development of on-line game culture among others. The shock effects, given by editing of game animations which are produced for epic experience of on-line game, arouse tactility in addition to visibility. Under this assumption and on the basis of visual tactility theory as well as montage theory of image by Walter Benjamin, the research intends to explain that public tactile shock does not result from simple graphic effect but from montage effect and dispersive acceptance.


Visual Tactility;Montage;Game;Animation