The Psychological Meaning Delivery of The Color which was Applied to Animation

애니메이션에 적용된 색채의 심리적 의미 전달

  • Published : 2006.11.01


'Regardless of our consciousness, Color is the energy that we are affected by positively or negatively.' said Johannes Itten. When we see the color in nature, the color acts to our emotion most preferentially and most strongly. These experiences of color become symbol or icon to us and express states of his mind as allegory. The color of animation is the visual element of image media, the image which act as important meaning, the attribute of light, and visual-perceptional factor. With molding factor form, light and shade, the color function importantly as media which express a person and a person's circumstance. In animation, the color is used symbolically to suggest not only mental change of character but also the condition. The transmission of mental meaning express symbolism of the color iconically. Accordingly, the color for image express of animation take on universality. This study focus on how the symbolical meaning of the color is reflected in a work.


The Color which was Applied to Animation;The Visual Element;Animation