Consumption Desire Reflected in Animation -Focused on Animation 'Wellbuying Shop'

애니메이션에 반영 된 소비욕망 -'Wellbuying Shop 1' 애니메이션을 중심으로

  • Published : 2006.11.01


This study is performance thesis to examine structure of excessive consuming culture of modern people's desire turning away from modern people's original purpose of aiming life that is well-being. Method of the research is theological examination of people's desire into consuming and well-being culture is critically analyzed by creation of meanings and differences of showcase that symbolize consuming culture. Also my piece of work 'Well-buying Shop 1' that above theory is applied is selected for focused analysis of concept realization method in video configuration method and technique. The symbol Showcase in the animation represent laboratory of consuming culture and desire for ownership. The animation runs for 3 minutes and 50 seconds focused on animal characters raised in well-being farm. Through cut out animating environment, animal characters have life in the animation and they are completed with long take method and temperament editing type for effort of liberal devotion between audience and the animation. Lithographic technique is used for characters and background images for trial of pictural density by pressures and variety of colors. This study was conducted with the basis of above animation showing opportunity and it has significance on trial of various color of lithographic expression technique that are not commonly used in animation image production.