Comparative Study on Color Style between and

<뮬란>과 <라이온 킹>에 나타난 색채스타일 비교연구

  • 김광환 (목원대학교대학교 미술학부)
  • Published : 2006.11.01


As the very important artistic elements expressing a visual image, the color has been increasing the power of expression. But the relationship between the remarkable peculiarity of colors in accordance with other artistic elements inside the picture plane makes difficult to express an effective expression of color. In the adaptation of color as well as artistic style between & by W. Disney co. is very different each other in the manner of expression. By revealing the difference of the practical use of color and it's principle of those two works, I want to formulate a suitable use of color. In this paper, focus on how to active application of color in relationship between other artistic element and expressive peculiar of color. A right is not only the dominant component in color, but contrast also. A contrast is the most considerable element for modeling order. To emphasize expressive peculiar of color, an artist control artistic element properly and can make expressive energy of brightness & shape.


Activation of Color;Artistic Element;Relationship