Evaluation of User Satisfaction for Drink Bottle

음료용기의 사용자 만족도 조사 연구 - Cap이 달린 유리 및 PET용기를 중심으로 -

  • 김상식 (목원대학교 디자인학부)
  • Published : 2006.11.01


Universal designs begins from observing things. This paper understands contradiction and irrationality about drink bottle used unintentionally in our common life. Those have not found out until now. So an example observation about problem derivation and a practice method of Universal design is presented. People of various classes, such as a child, an old person and a woman, a male, the man in the street, and a disabled person, have been using drink bottle recently. However, the design of drink bottle has become on the basis of the fine and common man, so the other people, for example, children or handicapped persons experience many situations which cannot open cap or cannot be drunk without external help. This research posed questions from the children to the elders about drink bottle by the viewpoint of universal design paying attention to such problems. In the research result, the fixed quantity and qualitative quantity about problem are commented. And the fixed quantity utilized frequency analysis and chi-square verification ($X^2$) for the questionnaire result on the basis, and the qualitative quantity pointed out result in the universal design principle through the data of a precedence research result. An alternative plan for drink bottle's design is presented through case observation of conceptual approach to method of Universal design.


Drink Bottle;Questionnaire;Universal Design