Development of Shoes' Easy-Order Prototype According to Foot Types of Juveniles In On-Line 3D Virtual Reality

청소년의 발의 형태 분류에 따른 On-line 3D 가상현실에서의 신발류 이지오더 Prototype 개발

  • 최성원 (동명대학교 디자인대학 영상.애니메이션학과) ;
  • 임지영 (동명대학교 디자인대학 패션디자인학과)
  • Published : 2006.11.01


Consumers can choose suitable shoes for their feet in off-line shopping. However, in on-line shopping, because they can not wear shoes, compare to the off-line shopping, there are many problems in internet shopping. And the solution of user-oriented internet shopping is development of new type of prototype which is accessible to user and to offer visual information through 3D-virtual reality. We made this Prototype that the consumer can measure their own shoes size. And the consumer can print out their foot size in the internet database and measure their own foot size and type. And we maximized the visual experience though it is indirect and then we wanted to overcome a emotional experience in the real world. we visualized first, 'the softness' of shoes meterial, second 'the drainage' in the realtion of shoes meterial and water, third 'the close adhesion' in the realtion of shoes and consumer's their own foot and last 'the elasticity' in the relation of the shoes outer sole and surface. The result of this research can solve the problem in the existing on-line shoes' shop and it will become an alternative plan. And this prototype just will not become the localization at the on-line shoes' shop. In true sense, it will be an important example in the whole internet industry.


Prototype;Virtual Reality;Easy-Order