Fundamental Study for Construction and Utilization of 3D GIS in Local Governments

3D GIS의 지방자치단체 활용을 위한 기초 연구

  • Published : 2006.11.01


By the rapid progress of U-IT(Ubiquitous Information Technology), a variety of national development policies have been devised on the basis of the utilization of the technology Above all things, a number of local governments are driving to construct a 3D GIS(Geographical Information System) that is as a infrastructure for the regional development which is including a u-City construction as a future city model, the competitiveness reinforcement of local governments, a reasonable means of urban management, etc. In this study we tried to find the fundamental direction of construction and utilization of 3D GIS in local governments. As the result of study, we suggested the advanced vision of 3D GIS has a role of treating the public affairs of local governments and of supporting the various private business scope.


GIS;3D GIS;Ubiquitous Information Technology;u-City