The Design of Predistortion Linearizer with Polar Function Generator for Cellular Band Using Even Order Harmonic Signals

2차 고조파 신호를 이용한 극 함수 발생기를 갖는 셀룰라 밴드용 전치 왜곡 선형화기 설계

  • Kim, Ell-Kou (School of Electronics Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology) ;
  • Jeon, Ki-Kyoung (School of Electronics Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology) ;
  • Kim, Young (School of Electronics Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology) ;
  • Kwon, Sang-Keun (School of Electronics Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology) ;
  • Yoon, Young-Chul (Electronics and Information Communication Engineering, Kwandong University)
  • 김일규 (금오공과대학교 전자공학부) ;
  • 전기경 (금오공과대학교 전자공학부) ;
  • 김영 (금오공과대학교 전자공학부) ;
  • 권상근 (금오공과대학교 전자공학부) ;
  • 윤영철 (관동대학교 전자정보통신공학부)
  • Published : 2006.11.30


This paper proposes a new predistortion linearizer with amplitude modulator and PFG(Polar Function Generator) using second order harmonic signals. This linearizer consists of PFG that combine with in-phase and quadrature-phase of second harmonic signals and amplitude modulator in main path. The predistorted third order intermodulation distortion(IMD3) signals that are generated by amplitude modulator with fundamental and PFG signals, improve a amplifier nonlinear characteristics. The proposed linearizer and amplifier have been manufactured and tested to operate in cellular base-station transmitting band$(869\sim894MHz)$. The test results show that IMD3 can be removed by more than 22.5 dB in case of CW 2-tone signals ${\Delta}f=1$ MHz, and the adjacent channel power ratio(ACPR) also can be improved by more than 8.4 dB for CDMA IS-95 1FA signals.


Polar Function Generator;Predistortion;Power Amplifier;Second Harmonic Signal


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