A Very Compact 60 GHz LTCC Power Amplifier Module

초소형 60 GHz LTCC 전력 증폭기 모듈

  • Lee, Young-Chul (Division of Marine Electronics and Communication Eng., MMU)
  • 이영철 (국립목포해양대학교 해양전자 통신공학부)
  • Published : 2006.11.30


In this paper, using low-temperature co-fired ceramic(LTCC) based system-in-package(SiP) technology, a very compact power amplifier LTCC module was designed, fabricated, and then characterized for 60 GHz wireless transmitter applications. In order to reduce the interconnection loss between a LTCC board and power amplifier monolithic microwave integrated circuits(MMIC), bond-wire transitions were optimized and high-isolated module structure was proposed to integrate the power amplifier MMIC into LTCC board. In the case of wire-bonding transition, a matching circuit was designed on the LTCC substrate and interconnection space between wires was optimized in terms of their angle. In addition, the wire-bonding structure of coplanar waveguide type was used to reduce radiation of EM-fields due to interconnection discontinuity. For high-isolated module structure, DC bias lines were fully embedded into the LTCC substrate and shielded with vias. Using 5-layer LTCC dielectrics, the power amplifier LTCC module was fabricated and its size is $4.6{\times}4.9{\times}0.5mm^3$. The fabricated module shows the gain of 10 dB and the output power of 11 dBm at P1dB compression point from 60 to 65 GHz.


Power Amplifier Module;SiP(System-in-Package);LTCC(Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic);Wire-Bonding


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