Radiometric Calibration of FTIR Spectrometer For Passive Remote Sensing Application

수동형 원격탐지 FTIR 분광계의 Radiometric Calibration

  • Published : 2006.10.25


In this paper, radiometric calibration of a FTIR spectrometer for passive remote sensing application was introduced and verified. Radiometric calibration is a significant signal processing procedure to retrieve the object radiance from the measured spectrum. The object radiance is measured and registered distorted by the detector's responsivity dependent on wavelength and instrument self-emission. Radiance of two temperature points, hot temperature and cold temperature, from a well-controlled blackbody was measured and used to obtain the scale factor and offset factor which are required for radiometric calibration. For gas phase C2H5OH. radiometric calibration was done and verified through comparison of its emission line width and intensity with the standard spectrum.


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