Development of the Electromagnetic Wave Absorber for 94 GHz Radar Sensors Using Permalloy

  • Published : 2006.09.30


In this paper, we fabricated the EM wave absorber for 94 GHz radar sensors using Permalloy of magnetic material with chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), and S-parameter was measured. The complex relative permittivity and permeability are calculated by the measured data. Absorption abilities are simulated according to different thickness of the EM wave absorbers, and the EM wave absorber was manufactured based on the simulated design. Simulated and measured results agree very well. As a result, we developed the EM wave absorber with the thickness of 1.15 mm which has an absorption ability of 18 dB at 94 GHz.


Absorption ability;EM wave absorber;Permeability;Permittivity;Radar


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