Design and Comparison of the Fast-Hopping Frequency Synthesizers for MB-OFDM UWB Systems

MB-OFDM 방식의 UWB 시스템을 위한 Fast-Hopping 주파수 합성기의 유형별 설계 및 비교

  • Published : 2006.12.30


This paper describes fast-hewing frequency synthesizers for multi-band OFDM(MB-OFDM) ultra-wide band(UWB) systems. Three different structures in generating 3 center frequencies(3432MHz, 3960MHz, 4488MHz) are designed and compared. The first structure generates 3 center frequencies using only one PLL operating at 4224MHz, and the second uses three PLLs operating at corresponding center frequencies. The proposed third structure employes two PLLs operating at 3960MHz and 528MHz. Simulation results using 0.18um RF CMOS process parameters show that the third structure exhibits boner characteristics in spur, area and current consumption than the other structures. The band switching time of the proposed synthesizer is less than 1.In and the spur is less than -36dBc. The synthesizer consumes 22mA from a 1.8V supply.


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