Qualify Characteristics of Baechukimchi Added Ginseng during Fermentation Periods

인삼이 첨가된 배추김치의 발효중 품질 특성

  • Published : 2006.12.29


This study was investigated for quality characteristics of Baechukimchi with ginseng during fermentation. For Baechukimchi preparation, original ingredients of Baechukimchi and high contents of ginseng were used. In the initial pH and titratable acidity of each samples, ginseng -added Kimchi showed a little higher value than pH 5.48 and 0.25% acidity of the control Kimchi. Ginseng-added Kimchi showed higher values of total microbes $(1.90\times10^6\sim2.93\times10^6)$ and lactic acid bacteria $(2.21\times10^6\sim2.62\times10^6)$ than the control Kimchi. The control Kimchi was total microbes of $1.59\times10^5$ and lactic acid bacteria of $7.60\times10^4$. According to fermentation periods, ginseng-added Kimchi showed decrease of pH and increase of titratable acidity than the control Kimchi, but it. was not different for the microbes between Kimchi samples. In the taste intensity of sensory evaluation, ginseng-added Kimchi was evaluated higher value than the control Kimchi and kept up texture, properties of initial preparation between samples during fermentation periods. In the crude saponin content, raw ginseng was 5.89% by dry basis and it was decreased to 3.74% after fermentation. And the individual ginsenosides content of Re, $Rg_1$, Rf, $Rg_2,\;Rh_1,\;Rb_1,$, Rc, $Rb_2$, Rd, $Rg_3$, but $Rg_3$ were decreased and $Rh_1$ were increased from 16.6 mg%, and 22.2 mg/% to 59.2 mg%, and 39.4 mg%, respectively.


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