Success Factors of Digital Contents Distribution Websites

디지털콘텐츠 유통 웹사이트의 성공요인(에 관한 연구)

  • 최용석 (중앙대학교 일반대학원 경영학과) ;
  • 권혁인 (중앙대학교 경영학과)
  • Published : 2006.12.31


Recently, Development of IT and digital-tech, and this is becoming factor of digital contents industry development. But, problem that is more suitable e-business model's necessity and quality enemy of distribution web-site to digital contents as transaction this firm dispute by transaction special quality and Payment-system increase of digital contents increases rapidly was risen. In this study, Digital Contents qualify estimation very important persons of digital contents as sequence of study that investigate from target's viewpoint which is serviced through web-site that digital contents is not factors of web-site service method whether digital contents distribution web-site factors effect that is some in customer satisfaction from general viewpoint of actuality digital contents distribution and is the actual proof enemy. This paper's goal that these study finding leads as digital contents industry discusses individual enterprise's success and failure as field of business in quickening period yet but domestic digital contents industry field will be roared and may can have competitive power by enterprises which wish to already started business or inaugurate an enterprise enter in field with successful beginning and direction and develop continuously.