Analysis of Data Transmission Rate and Power Consumption in Zigbee Based Electrocardiography

지그비 기반 심전계의 데이터 전송률과 소비 전력 분석

  • Published : 2006.12.28


In this study, data transmission ratio and power consumption issues of Zigbee based sensor module and personal digital assistant(PDA) were addressed to develop ECG telemetry device. PDA processes the data transmitted through serial port using non-blocking method. The transmission rate was dependent on the packet structure. It was 300 ECG samples/sec, when each packet was composed of 2 ECG data and 3-axial acceleration vector. Using two AAA batteries in series, operating time of the wireless sensor module was above 28 hours in average. Power consumption of PDA was dependent on screen ON/OFF condition and serial port usage. In this application, operating time of PDA was 5 hours in average. In conclusion, there was no problem in the power consumption of wireless sensor module and transmission rate, when the developed device was used as 24 hour Holter device. But, PDA has the problem of power consumption, which should be solved.


PDA(personal Digital Assistant);ECG;Zigbee;Three Axial Accelerometer