Design and Development of Clustering Algorithm Considering Influences of Spatial Objects

공간객체의 영향력을 고려한 클러스터링 알고리즘의 설계와 구현

  • Kim, Byung-Cheol
  • 김병철 (남서울대학교 지리정보공학과)
  • Published : 2006.12.28


This paper proposes DBSCAN-SI that is an algorithm for clustering with influences of spatial objects. DBSCAN-SI that is extended from existing DBSCAN and DBSCAN-W converts from non-spatial properties to the influences of spatial objects during the spatial clustering. It increases probability of inclusion to the cluster according to the higher the influences that is affected by the properties used in clustering and executes the clustering not only respect the spatial distances, but also volume of influences. For the perspective of specific property-centered, the clustering technique proposed in this paper can makeup the disadvantage of existing algorithms that exclude the objects in spite of high influences from cluster by means of being scarcely close objects around the cluster.