System Theory Approach for Decision Making of GIS-based Optimum Allocation

GIS기반 최적공간선정을 위한 시스템론적 접근

  • Oh, Sang-Young
  • 오상영 (청주대학교 경영학부)
  • Published : 2006.12.28


As information technologies are improving, geographical information system (GIS) technologies are also developing rapidly and demands for spatial analysis with GIS are increasing. Particularly, the spatial analyses with GIS researches have been noted rather than general GIS researches. However, most GIS researches focus on space dimension: a density-based clustering method (DBSCAN) or a DBSCAN algorithm using region expressed as Weight (DBSCAN-W) but the importance of rational decision making based on time dimension has been neglected. This study adopts system dynamics in order to put time dimension in GIS-based optimum allocation.


Spatial Analysis;System Dynamics;Optimum Allocation;Geographical Information System