Plan for Improvement of Local Governments' Roles for Effective Countermeasures for Disasters - Centering on Comparison with USA and Japan -

효율적 재난대응을 위한 지방정부 역할 개선방안 - 미국, 일본과의 비교를 중심으로 -

  • Published : 2006.12.28


In this study, in order to grope for local governments' roles for effective countermeasures for disasters, the researcher did comparative research on such roles of local governments of the USA and japan. In case of the USA and japan, their local governments take the 1st responsibility for quick countermeasures for disasters and cope with disasters in cooperation with central government and NGO, etc. In conclusion, in order to make Korea's system to cope with disasters more effective, first it is necessary to readjust roles of central government and local governments. In other words, in case of the USA and japan, law provides that initial responsibility for coping with disasters lies in local governments. Accordingly, when disaster happens, initial countermeasures are quickly made by local governments. It is also possible for local governments to secure organizations, tools and manpower in their own ways. Therefore, in case of Korea, it is also urgently required to divide roles for disaster management between central government and local governments. Second, it is necessary to establish local disaster management system per type that is proper for regional characteristics and situations. Third, it is necessary to form organic networks between civic groups, local private enterprises, and central government. Fourth, informatization of local disaster management system must be prepared quickly. Finally, in order to do local governments' activities to cope with sites smoothly, specialization of manpower is required. Accordingly, it is necessary to train professional manpower of local governments for disaster management and to develop programs to improve specialty.


Disaster Response;Local Government Disaster;Disaster Management System;American Disaster;Japanese Disaster