Mania Construction and Constitution based on Animation 'Full metal Alchemist's Character

애니메이션 '강철의 연금술사' 의 캐릭터를 중심으로 한 매니아 형성과 구조

  • 박윤성 (경기대학교 디자인공예학부) ;
  • 김혜성 (평택대학교 디자인영상학부) ;
  • 이가영 (경기대학교 미술.디자인대학원)
  • Published : 2006.12.28


As media and product became variety, the propensity of the people is be coming various. From diversity, there we could search for some popularity is called 'the mania.' When Mania takes shape, the product will being longer even masses in these days only have short-term life. Also there are hundreds of animations that has short-term life whom people forgot everyday they watch. However, the animations could lasting its value which has the Mania. This thesis is a studies on the constitution of Mania from animation 'Fullmetal Alchemist's Character The BONES had made. We can learn that the audience were not just like the animation, but get crazy for it by comparing Japanese animation industry in those days; before it has been shrinking and manufacturing various contents from Fullmetal Alchemist means there is enough consumtions. There are many reasons to form Mania group, but specially the character symbols at the works as a whole. From this study is to know a cause of how the animation 'Fullmetal Alchemist' made huge Mania group, and significance value of the work those group left.