Characteristics of Media Image Expressed in Impressionism Monet's Works

인상주의 모네 작품에 나타나는 영상 특성

  • 강석범 (충청북도 교육청 중등미술) ;
  • 전병호 (공주대학교 영상정보공학부)
  • Published : 2006.12.28


Before the appearance of luc-media image, art is performed by the hands of man. That was the best of the reality and the absolute standard of reality. However the appearance of luc-media image brings together the scientific thoughts on realism, which gave birth to 'impressionism' where 'light' becomes the most important part in art as well as in luc-media image and analyzed scientifically. In this paper, I'd like to analyze 5 paintings of Monet, a representative of the impressionism, chronically and present the various aspects of luc-media image as follows; 'picture the present moment', 'picture the light', 'picture the sound and movement', 'picture in the several frames', 'picture continuous frames'. These image phenomenon presented in this paper are mainly concerned with the photograph image, because the time when impressionists entered the stage was the age of photograph image, accordingly there are a little difference from digital image.


Luc-media image;Image phenomenon;Impressionism;Monet