Seasonal Variation Studies and Pharmacognostic Evaluation of Alstonia scholaris R.Br. Bark

  • Upadhye, A.S. (Botany Group, Agharkar Research Institute) ;
  • Khatoon, Sayyada (Pharmacognosy and Ethnopharmacology Division, National Botanical Research Institute, Rana Pratap Marg) ;
  • Mehrotra, Shanta (Emeritus Scientist, National Botanical Research Institute)
  • Published : 2006.12.30


Alstonia scholaris is known as 'Saptaparna' in Ayurvedic System of Medicines and the bark is used for the treatment of various diseases. It has various ethnomedicinal values as different traditional communities find diverse medicinal properties. The present communication deals with the seasonal variation studies of the stem bark of this plant. The bark was collected in the month of January, July and November. There is no macro-microscopical changes in all the three seasons but the ash values showed significant differences. Crude fibre content showed sharp decline from January to July to November. Total tannin percentage was found maximum in January and minimum in June. TLC finger print profile showed more concentration of constituents in January as compared to June and November. Hence, the bark may show more efficacy when collected in January.


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