Shipboard Training for the Efficient Maritime Education



Nam, Chung-Do

  • 발행 : 2006.12.31


Marine officers should have crisis control ability because ship operation needs not only highly specialized information, but also functional capability due to the fact that there always exist dangers at sea, which are different from those at shore. Therefore, marine officers should be trained on the related specialized information under the systematical educational system including shipboard training. Their training is also based on the strong spiritual power and physical strength through the strict training process. In order to have these vocational personalities, dormitory life training and shipboard training courses seem to be essential processes, which are required of maritime education. The introduction of automatic system into the ship as a result of the recent development of technology brings decrease of the full number of crew. Consequently, marine officers are increasingly under heavy burden, and should have more ship operation capabilities than before. Maine officers should have not only specialized information which differs from that at shore, but also vocational adaptability which can reasonably tackle with all the problems which exist on the spot and are obstacles to individual, spiritual, physical, natural, and social demands. So it is required that marine officers should have study many areas to deal with as extra curricula besides their major field of study, which are unique characteristics of the education for them. These vocational adaptabilities are based on the spiritual characteristics, such as self-developmental education, responsibility, meticulous care, attentiveness, voluntary, planning, readiness, spontaneity, accuracy, self-denial, obedience, leadership, and etc.


Shipboard training;Maritime education;Marine officer;Vocational adaptability;Professional knowledge


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