Shape Design Sensitivity Analysis for Stability of Elastic Structures

탄성 구조물의 안정성을 고려한 형상설계민감도해석

  • 최주호 (한국항공대학교 항공우주 및 기계공학부)
  • Published : 2006.01.01


This paper addresses the method for the shape design sensitivity analysis of the buckling load in the continuous elastic body. The sensitivity formula for critical load is analytically derived and expressed in terms of shape variation, based on the continuum formulation of the stability problem. Though the buckling problem is more efficiently solved by the structural elements such as beam and shell, the elastic solids are considered in this paper because the solid elements can be used in general for any kind of structures whether they are thick or thin. The initial stress and buckling analysis is carried out by the commercial analysis code ANSYS. The sensitivity is computed by using the mathematical package MATLAB using the results of ANSYS. Several problems including straight and curved beams under compressive load, ring under pressure load, thin-walled section and bottle shaped column are chosen to illustrate the efficiency of the presented method.


Shape Design Sensitivity Analysis;Buckling Load;Stability Problem


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