Development of Program for K-RBI

한국형 위험기반검사(K-RBI) 프로그램 개발

  • Published : 2006.01.01


Since Risk Based Inspection(RBI) was introduced to quality the risks for jet engine and nuclear power, the technique has been expanded to the area of petrochemical plant. Recently among USA and Europe, window-based computer programme for RBI has been rapidly developed. When local companies procure such program to apply to their plants, it is difficult to build up a proper database as well as expect a good result. In this regards, K-RBI programme accustomed to Korean environments was developed. After completion of the programme in 2004, it was tested by 2 local petrochemical plants and was produced fruitful results. By using these programme, we are expecting accident prevention through risk based planning and implementing of equipment inspection, and saving dollars caused by procuring foreign expensive programme.


Accident Prevention;RBI;K-RBI;Petrochemical Plant


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