Conjoined twins in Holstein calf : a case of thoracopagus siamese calf

젖소 흉부결합체 송아지 1례

  • Accepted : 2006.01.04
  • Published : 2006.03.29


This case was found in Holstein cow suffering from dystocia. The twin calves in uterus were dead and removed by fetotomy. Gross anatomical analysis of thoracopagus siamese calf was carried out. Two normal heads were present on two necks, however, the twins were fused in the thoracic region. There were four forelimbs and an abnormal orientation of ribs. Two separate vertebral columns along the length of the animal ended with two tails. A single pericardium lay on the midline when opening the thorax. However, there were two almost completely hearts within the pericardial sac. Two heart were joined by a common cavernous venous sinuous. There were two sets of lungs. Each twins had a separate esophagus that entered a separated stomach. A large liver was fused and connected into two duodenums. The pelvis, large intestines and urinary tracts were separated. The twins are female and have a full complement of limb.


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