An in vitro vitellogenin bioassay for estrogenic substances in the Rhynchocypris oxycephalus

버들치(Rhynchocypris oxycephalus)에서 에스트로겐류 물질에 의한 vitellogenin의 유도 및 단일클론항체 제작

  • Accepted : 2006.01.22
  • Published : 2006.03.29


Vitellogenin (Vtg), a phospholipoglycoprotein precursor of egg yolk is synthesized and secreted from the liver in response to estrogens in female fish. Vtg is normally undetectable in the blood of male fish, but can be induced by exposure to chemicals possessing estrogenic activity. Thus, the presence of Vtg in blood of male fish can serve as a useful biomarker for assessing previous exposure to estrogenic compounds. In the present study, Vtg was abnormally expressed in Rhynchocypris oxycephalus using estradiol benzoate ($E_2$). As the result, it was found that the level of Vtg in blood from R. oxycephalus was increased by treated quantity of $E_2$ with dose-effect manner. Monoclonal antibodies were generated against Vtg of R. oxycephalus. The hybridoma were screened with an enzyme immunoassay for the production of specific anti-Vtg antibodies. Five positive cell lines with a high specificity were selected. Monoclonal antibodies against vtg of R. oxycephalus that was developed in this study, may be a useful bio-indicator for the detection of estrogenic contamination in the aquatic ecosystem.


Grant : Estrogen류 화합물의 정량측정법 및 Rapid kit의 개발

Supported by : 과학고


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