The Development and Effects of the Program for the Improvement of Preservice Teachers' Critical Thinking Ability

예비교사의 비판적 사고력 향상을 위한 프로그램 개발 및 효과검증

  • Received : 2006.05.24
  • Accepted : 2006.08.01
  • Published : 2006.08.31


The purpose of this study is to develop and to test the program for the improvement of preservice teachers' critical thinking ability. The main research problems to achieve the purpose of research are as follows; first, is the program for the improvement of preservice teachers' critical thinking ability effective to improve the critical thinking skills of preservice teachers? Second, is the program for the improvement of preservice teachers' critical thinking ability effective to improve the critical thinking dispositions of preservice teachers? To evaluate the effect of the program, 30(15; experimental group: 15; control group) sophomores were selected in Pusan. The conclusions of this research are as follows; first, there is a significant difference between experimental group and control group for critical thinking skills test. Second, there is no significant difference between experimental group and control group for critical thinking dispositions test.


Supported by : 부산대학교


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