Plastic Analysis of Steel Plate Shear Panels using Strip Model

스트립 모델을 이용한 강판 전단패널의 소성 해석

  • Received : 2005.09.15
  • Accepted : 2006.01.10
  • Published : 2006.02.27


The behaviors of steel-plate shear panels were investigated through an experimental and analytical study, using mild steel (S40). Steel-plate shear panels buckle at small loads, and their strength is based on the shear panel's postbuckling strength due to tension field action. In design practice, however, the capacity of steel-plate shear panels is limited to the elastic buckling strength of shear panels. Th e National Standard on Limit States Design of Steel Structures, CAN/CSA-S16.1-94 (1994) contains a guideline for the analysis of thi n, unstiffened, steel-plate shear walls using the strip model. In this paper, the structural capacity of shear panels was evaluated using the results of the experiment and of the strip model analysis.


Supported by : (재)포항산업과학연구원


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