Determination of an Inelastic Collision Cross Sections for C3F8 Molecule by Electron Swarm Method

전자군 방법에 의한 C3F8분자가스의 비탄성충돌단면적의 결정

  • 전병훈 (동국대학교 전기공학과)
  • Published : 2006.03.01


The electron drift velocity W and the product of the longitudinal diffusion coefficient and the gas number density $ND_{L}$ in the $0.525\;\%$ and $5.05\;\%$ $C_{3}F_8-Ar$ mixtures were measured by using the double shutter drift tube with variable drift distance over the E/N range from 0.03 to 100 Td and gas pressure range from 1 to 915 torr. And we determined the electron collision cross sections set for the $C_{3}F_8$ molecule by STEP 1 of electron swarm method using a multi-term Boltzmann equation analysis. Our special attention in the present study was focused upon the vibrational excitation and new excitations cross sections of the $C_{3}F_8$ molecule.


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