Development and Operation of Integrated Technical Information System(ITIS) for an Aircraft Development

항공기 통합기술정보시스템(ITIS) 개발 및 운용

  • Published : 2006.02.01


The Aircraft Development Department operated a Technical Document Management System that was effectively managed using a database management system for the management of the technical information created by a research and development phase of an aircraft and managed a technical information of a research and development varied by the project on a lot of the aircraft development program. While managing the user management and technical information project, it caused some problems on the workflow of the Work Memo and a search of some technical information, etc. As result, we developed the web-based Integrated Technical Information System(ITIS) which be able to totally manage the Technical Document Management System varied by program. According to the construction and operation of this system, we can access by program using user account and privilege and dramatically increased the productivity of a research and development because of performing the workflow of the Work Memo and some search of technical information by the integrated screen of the ITIS.


Technical Document Management System;Integrated Technical Information System;Document Database;Workflow