An Efficient Multicasting Algorithm and Its Performance Evaluation in Multistage Interconnection Networks

다단계 상호연결망에서 효율적인 멀티캐스팅 알고리즘과 성능 평가

  • 김진수 (건국대학교 컴퓨터응용과학부) ;
  • 장정환 (부산외국어대학교 디지털미디어학부)
  • Published : 2006.02.01


In this paper, we propose an efficient multicasting algorithm in multistage interconnection networks (MIN's) employing the region encoding scheme. The proposed algorithm uses the recursive scheme to recycle a multicast message at most two times through MIN, in order to send it to its desired destinations. It is composed of two recycling phases which are the copying phase and the routing phase of the multicast message. In the first phase, a source sends the message to a region that contains the largest number of destination regions, and destinations in these regions receive and store the message in this phase. The remaining destinations can finally receive the message in the second phase. This method of the algorithm can improve its performance by reducing the delay of message and the volume of traffic. Moreover, we evaluate the performance of our algorithm in terms of the average number of recycling and the number of internal links used per destination, comparing with the previously proposed algorithm.


Efficient Multicasting;Multistage Interconnection Network;Region Encoding;Performance Evaluation