Numerical Simulation of Airframe Separation of a Missile System Using an Unstructured Overset Mesh Technique

비정렬 중첩격자기법을 이용한 유도무기의 기체분리운동 모사

  • Published : 2006.05.31


In this study, numerical simulation of airframes separating from a missile system has been preformed. For the time-accurate trajectory simulation, six D.O.F equations of motion of multiply connected bodies were derived and these equations have been coupled with the unstructured overset mesh technique for the treatment of independent mesh blocks moving with each body component. Applications were made for the simulation of the airframe separation at missile angles of attack of 0 and 5 degrees. It was demonstrated that the present method is efficient and robust for the prediction of unsteady time-accurate flow fields involving multiple bodies in relative motion.


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