An Experimental Study of the Diffusion Flame Characteristics for the Gas Fueled Torch System

Choi, Hyun-Kyung;Choi, Seong-Man

  • Published : 2006.12.31


Currently, a gas fueled diffusion flame is used for the relay torch system. It could be burned cleanly but should be stable at severe weather condition such as rain of up to 55 mm/h, winds of up to 70 km/h and also produce a highly bright yellow visible flame. This paper presents torch diffusion flame characteristics on the various wind speeds and rainfall conditions. From the results, flame lengths are controlled by the momentum flux ratio of fuel and ambient air flow and flame stability is much influenced by the mixing characteristics with air flow. Flame is fluctuated above than 200 mm/h rainfall and blow out is occurred about 300 mm/h rainfall condition.


Gas Fueled Torch System;Diffusion Flame;Flame Stability;Blow out


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