Flutter Suppression of Cantilevered Plate Wing using Piezoelectric Materials

Makihara, Kanjuro;Onoda, Junjiro;Minesugi, Kenji

  • Published : 2006.12.31


The supersonic flutter suppression of a cantilevered plate wing is studied with the finite element method and the quasi-steady aerodynamic theory. We suppress wing flutter by using piezoelectric materials and electric devices. Two approaches to flutter suppression using piezoelectric materials are presented; an energy-recycling semi-active approach and a negative capacitance approach. To assess their flutter suppression performances, we simulate flutter dynamics of the plate wing to which piezoelectric patches are attached. The critical dynamic pressure drastically increases with our flutter control using a negative capacitor.


Flutter;Piezoelectric;Energy-Recycling;Semi-Active;Negative Capacitance


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