Optimal design of a piezoelectric passive damper for vibrating plates

Yun, Chul-Yong;Kim, Seung-Jo

  • Published : 2006.12.31


In this paper, an efficient piezoelectric passive damper is newly devised to suppress the multi-mode vibration of plates. To construct the passive damper, the piezoelectric materials are utilized as energy transformer, which can transform the mechanical energy to electrical energy. To dissipate the electrical energy transformed from mechanical energy, multiple resonant shunted piezoelectric circuits are applied. The dynamic governing equations of a coupled electro-mechanical piezoelectric with multiple piezoelectric patches and multiple resonant shunted circuits is derived and solved for the one edge clamped plate. The equations of motion of the piezoelectrics and shunted circuits as well as the plate are discretized by finite element method to estimate more exactly the effectiveness of the piezoelectric passive damper. The method to find the optimal location of a piezoelectric is presented to maximize effectiveness for desired modes. The electro-mechanical coupling term becomes important parameter to select the optimal location.


Piezoelectric;passive damping;multiple modes;finite element method; Location optimization


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