Electrostatic Analysis and Protection of the Industrial Type Inkjet Plotter

산업용 잉크젯 플로터의 정전기 해석 및 차폐

  • Published : 2006.03.01


According to industrial development, all fields using chemical instrument and material are generated an electrostatics. Electrostatic problems were very important part to all these components, moving system, printer, clothe machines etc. This paper was represented an analysis of electrostatic electrification by FEM (finite element method) of industrial type Inkjet plotter. Here electrostatics distribution analysis is accomplished by Maxwell-2D. We are showed an electrostatics generation source by rubbing and meager profits of electric charge. It know electronic values with each system position by experiment. These are decreased through earth and electricity shielding. Therefore this paper is proved by the simulation and experiment result.


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