A Study of Factors Influencing Morale of Hospital based Home Care Nurses

병원중심 가정전문간호사의 직무관련 사기(士氣) 정도

  • Published : 2006.06.30


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine morale and related factors of hospital based home care nurses. Method : The subjects were 159 home care nurses from 94 hospitals and clinics which were operating home care programs around the country. Data were collected for 40days from March 14, to April 24, 2005. The questionnaire consisted of 51 items including 12 general variables and 39 items of nurses' morale. The reliability of the questionnaire by Cronbach's ${\alpha}$, was .88. Result : The level of the morale was found as mean score 2.69 in 4 point scale The high ranks of morale were self actualization($3.05{\pm}0.43$) and job satisfaction($3.03{\pm}0.43$), the factors which showed lower points were evaluation of work ($2.47{\pm}0.53$), welfare($2.42{\pm}0.42$), promotion system ($2.35{\pm}0.45$) and wages($2.23{\pm}0.54$). The level of morale according to the general variables were significantly different in such variables ; home care nursing antecedent(p = .000), motivation for job selection(p= .030), intention to quit the job(P= .000). Variables of intention to quit the job(15.7%) and home care nursing antecedent; 6.7%(p=.001) showed 22.4% of explanatory persuasion effect on level of morale. Conclusion : To improve a morale of home care nurses, the arrangement of nursing department should be consider nurse's aptitude and interest and allow them to have longer period of work in that part. Also wages, promotion system and welfare should be reformed as relevant as their career.