Tiwari, Diwakar;Kim, Hyoung-Uk;Lee, Seung-Mok;Yang, Jae-Kyu;Kim, Hyun-Ook

  • 발행 : 2006.12.31


The higher valence state of iron i.e., Fe(VI) was employed for the oxidation of one of an important toxic ion, cyanide in the aqueous medium. Cyanide was oxidized into cyanate, which is 1,000 times less toxic to cyanide and often accepted for its ultimate disposal. It was to be noted that Fe(VI) is a very powerful oxidizing agent and can oxidize most of the cyanide within few minutes i.e., ca 5 mins of contact. The data was obtained by the UV-Visible measurements for the Fe(VI) decomposition. The UV-Visible data was used to evaluate the overall rate constant for second order redox reaction between ferrate(VI) and cyanide. Also the pseudo first order rate constant was calculated as keeping the cyanide concentration in excess.




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