Developing CEDA Model for Internet-based Class

인터넷 수업에서의 CEDA(Cross Examination Debate Association) 토론 모델연구

  • Published : 2006.03.01


The purpose of this study is to design internet CEDA(Cross Examination Debate Association) debating model for the internet-based learning. Comparing to open discussion model that is widely spreaded in regular classes, the CEDA model can enhance learner's thinking skills, logicality, analytic skills, and judgement ability. In the first study, 196 students were provided the specific CEDA model guideline and participated debate activities through the internet. The results of the students' debate were analyzed based on the evaluation criteria. The results showed that the students' evaluation scores were high overall. They favored the CEDA model over the open discussion model, and showed positive attitudes and perceptions on the CEDA internet debate activity. In the second study, another 200 students were participated in two different tutor supporting CEDA debating groups, one is advanced tutor strategy group and the other is general tutor strategy group. The results showed that the advanced tutor supporting group had significantly high scores on the cross examination and providing evidence on debating. This study finally suggests the CEDA internet model for general use. In conclusion, this study also suggests the next steps to elaborate the CEDA internet model not only for the university settings, but also for general school settings. The user manuals should be developed to assist instructors, students, and tutors to guide better debate activities through the internet CEDA class. Also further research should be conducted to provide various debate models and applications for the variety of learning environments, and so the schools to use the CEDA model more widely in the internet classes.


e-Learning Debate;e-Learning;CEDA Model