HEEAS: On the Implementation and an Animation Algorithm of an Emotional Expression

HEEAS: 감정표현 애니메이션 알고리즘과 구현에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2006.03.01


The purpose of this paper is constructed a HEEAAS(Human Emotional Expression Animaion System), which is an animation system to show both the face and the body motion from the inputted voice about just 4 types of emotions such as fear, dislike, surprise and normal. To implement our paper, we chose the korean young man in his twenties who was to show appropriate emotions the most correctly. Also, we have focused on reducing the processing time about making the real animation in making both face and body codes of emotions from the inputted voice signal. That is, we can reduce the search time to use the binary search technique from the face and body motion databases, Throughout the experiment, we have a 99.9% accuracy of the real emotional expression in the cartoon animation.


Animation;Speech Emotion Recognition;Multimedia HCI Application