Impulse Noise Removal Using Noise Detector and Total Variation Optimization

잡음 검출기와 총변량 최적화를 이용한 영상의 임펄스 잡음제거

  • 이임건 (동의대학교 영화영상공학과)
  • Published : 2006.04.01


A new algorithm for removing salt and pepper impulse noise in image using impulse noise detector and total variation optimization is presented. The proposed two types of noise detectors which are based on the adaptive median filter, can detect impulse noise with high accuracy while reducing the probability of detecting image details as impulses. And the detectors maintain its performance independent of noise density. For removing impulses, total variation optimization is applied only to those detected noise candidate to reduces unnecessary computation. The proposed approach successfully remove impulse noise while preserving image details.


Adaptive Median Filter;Total Variation Optimizing;Impulse Noise Detector