Critical Review on the Arguments for Building Three-dimensional Cyberspace to Realize Ubiquitous

유비쿼터스 실현을 위한 사이버공간상의 3차원 그래픽 공간 구축론에 대한 비판적 고찰

  • 최창규 (수원대학교 도시부동산개발학과)
  • Published : 2006.04.01


Ubiquitous has been a new issue in information technology field. Some people in GIS(Geographic Information Systems) and urban and regional planning have maintained that not only building three dimensional graphic environment in cyberspace is the key for ubiquitous, but also planners should plan and control the new space. They may believe that ubiquitous would be a mixture or/and combination of real-space and cyberspace. For strengthening their arguments, they should show the character of the space can be related to the three dimensional space and planning the space is possible. This study tried to critically analyze their assertion. After reviewing various articles and studies in multidisciplinary view, this challenging analysis shows those arguments need more sophisticated studies and can limit the character of cyberspace which has made the space prosperous.


Ubiquitous;Cyberspace;GIS(Geographic information Systems)