A Study on the Digital Image Creating Through Emotional Dimension

감성어휘을 통한 디지털이미지 크리에이팅에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2006.04.01


Such changes that the digital paradigm brought propels a change of the value system itself in the existing society so that a way of thinking that differentiates oneself from others is getting much stronger. As public interests are higher in the image production on the internet, such authoring environments as development of related technologies, expansibility of information, and systematization of available information continue to change. Therefore, a variety of unique image presentations that fit to the changed environments are necessary and an expression method is indispensable for such image production. This study focuses on digital image creating in which a synectics method is applied. It suggests digital image application methods and examples that contain not just simple image distortion or variation but intrinsic significance. It is believed that it will be of good use to produce a variety of unique and innate digital images in the end.


Emotional Vocabulary;Synectics Digital Image Creating;Process