The Collision Processing Design of an Online Distributed Game Server

온라인 분산게임 서버의 충돌처리 설계

  • 이승욱 (동명정보대학교 게임공학과)
  • Published : 2006.01.01


Recently, a MMORPG(Massively Multi-play Online Role Playing Game) has built distribute server by Seamless world. This paper proposes an efficient collision detection method. DLS is used to dynamically adjust spatial subdivisions in each the boundary regions of distribute server We use an index table to effectively utilize the relationships between in the nodes and can perform the collision detection efficiently by reconstructing nodes of the tree. Also, we maintain the information for the boundary region to efficiently detect the collections and adjust the boundary regions between distributed servers by using DLS. As the DLS uses pointers, the information for each server is not needed and the boundary regions between the distributed servers are efficiently searched. Using node index points, the construction table can be made to find between ray and neighborhood node, In addition, processes for Network traffic reduce because a copy of the boundary regions is not needed when a object moves with realtime.


MMORPG;Seamless World;Distribute Processing;DLS(Dynamic Load Sharing);HBB(Hierarchical Bounding Box)