Empirical Approach to Marketing Research on the Quality Control of F&B in Hotels

관광(觀光)호텔의 식음료(食飮料) 부문(部門) 품질관리(品質管理)를 통한 마케팅방안 연구

  • 최승국 (세명대학교 호텔관광학부) ;
  • 임범종 (극동대학교 관광학부)
  • Published : 2006.01.01


This article presents the results of empirical studies on the Quality of F&B parts in Hotel services. The main aim is to describe and analyze service breakdown from the customer's point of view and thus create a basis for quality management. The aim is also to find out maximizing factors of sales volume with profit in hotel F&B parts based on the serving systems of F&B items, quality control, change and innovation. The results of the study show statistically significant differences between the each F&B parts in term of quality of foods, location of restaurant, service inconvenience condition, variety of menu, teamwork of empolyees, educational programme, hotel internal culture, etc. Marketing and management implications for effective targeting the market segments are discussed.


Touriest Hotel;Hotel Goods;Food & Beaverage;Service Quality