A Study on the Trends of the U-City Development and Its Direction in the Local Governments

지방자치단체의 U-City 개발 동향 분석과 개발방향

  • Published : 2006.01.01


This paper intended to observe the present state of the U-City development in local governments and to present the basic view-point to carry out it in the context of total urban area. Also, this paper has a meaning to present a fundamental perspective for making plan to go on the U-City development. For this reason, it was investigated on the concept of 'Ubiquitous', the related technologies to realize the U-City, the related policies for 'Ubiquitous' in the central government, and the circumstances of the U-City development in the local government. Finally, on developing the U-City in local government, this paper presented its developing direction in the context of the whole urban structure and in the relation with the developed urban areas.


Ubiquitous;U-city;Urban Structure;Urban Infrastructure