Access Control of Content Package by Using XML Subject-based Encryption

XML의 주체 기반 암호화를 이용한 콘텐츠 패키지의 접근 제어

  • 조광문 (목포대학교 전자상거래학)
  • Published : 2006.01.01


As a large quantity of information is represented in XML format on the web, there are increasing demands for XML security. Until now research on XML security has been focused on the security of data network using digital signature and encryption technology. As XML data become extensive and complex, however, XML security comes to involve not only network security but also managerial security. But XML encryption support only simple network security. So it cannot support multiple users and multiple access control policy. In this paper, we propose an integration method of encryption and access control policy for securing XML documents. This methodology can support multiple authorization of multiple users with integrating access control.


Subject-based Encryption;Content Package;Access Control