Hybrid-Watermarking for DWT Based Authentication and Detection of Image Modification

DWT기반 이미지 인증 및 변형 검출을 위한 혼합 워터마킹

  • 김동서 (동신대학교 디지털콘텐츠학과) ;
  • 주낙근 (동신대학교 디지털콘텐츠학과) ;
  • 강태환 (동신대학교 디지털콘텐츠학과)
  • Published : 2006.01.01


In this paper, the hybrid-watermarking method to make it possible to the authentication, modification detection and copyright protection of the digital image was proposed. After the original image is transformed by the DWT(Discrete Wavelet Transform), the encrypted watermark information is embedded into the LSB(Least Significant Bit) of LL band on the low frequence domain for authenticating and detecting modified position in the image. And watermark information is embedded by exchanging the wavelet coefficient for the copyright protection. Thereby, we can authenticate the modification and detect the modified location by extracting the values of LSB on the low frequence domain. And we can perceive the copyright information of original image by extracting the embedded watermark on the high frequence domain.


Watermaking;Authentication;Copyright Protection